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Sylvaine's Fic Masterlist

As far as I know, these are all the links to all my creative work that's around on the 'net. If not... well, either I forgot about posting somewhere, or it was posted without my permission. Newest work is listed first (within fandom); some of the older fic is pretty bad, so read at your own peril. All links go to AO3 unless otherwise specified. Years in parentheses after each entry are the year it was originally posted.

WARNINGS: I always warn for graphic violence, major character death, rape/non-con, and animal cruelty. (On dreamwidth and AO3, at least. I make no promises for some of the older links to FFnet and other archiving sites.) If there's anything else you think I should warn for, or if you'd like to know of any other specific triggers, please don't hesitate to message me or comment here.

Works are rated using AO3 ratings - G (General Audiences), T (Teen), M (Mature), E (Explicit).

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cover of shrink the world Shrink the World. (Dreamwidth | Dreamwidth comment | Tumblr) Bandom (Fall Out Boy), G, gen, 204 words. Pete & Patrick, sleepovers during the Save Rock & Roll studio time. (2013)
cover of the way you sleep The Way You Sleep. (Dreamwidth | Dreamwidth comment | Tumblr) Bandom (My Chemical Romance), G, gen, 203 words. Mikey & Frank, guarding Gerard's sleep. (2013)
cover of shiver Shiver. (Dreamwidth | Dreamwidth comment | Tumblr) Bandom (My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence), G, gen, 204 words. Alicia & Lindsey in the aftermath of Mikeygate. (2013)
cover of my own worst enemy My Own Worst Enemy. (Dreamwidth | Dreamwidth comment | Tumblr) Bandom (Fall Out Boy), G, gen / Pete/Patrick-ish, 418 words. Pete has always been his own worst enemy. (2013)
cover of burns your skin Burns Your Skin. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | Dreamwidth comment) Bandom (My Chemical Romance), T, Frank/Gerard, 1,101 words. For the prompt "can i just have THIS in fic form? frank wants to play a show even though he's sick, and gerard keeps checking up on him during the show to make sure he's not getting worse, and then maybe taking care of him after the show is over, not letting him go meet any fans or something :||||" (2012)
cover of blood and pencils Blood & Pencils. (AO3 | Dreamwidth) Bandom (My Chemical Romance), G, gen, 1,147 words. Being a vampire has drawbacks, sure, but Gerard didn't think one of them would be being unable to do his homework for art class. (2012)
cover of untitled commentfic untitled commentfic. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | Livejournal comment) Bandom (My Chemical Romance), E, Bob/Frank/Gerard/Mikey/Ray, 2,012 words. Birthday handjobs from the band. (2011)
cover of kinda like rocky horror Kinda Like Rocky Horror. (AO3 | Dreamwidth) Bandom (My Chemical Romance), T, gen, 1,623 words. After a bad breakup, Gerard finds his mother's make up. (2011)
cover of untitled waybros genfic untitled Waybros genfic. (Dreamwidth comment | Tumblr) Bandom (My Chemical Romance), G, gen, 424 words. As far as Gerard can remember, they have always slept in the same bed. (2011)
cover of necromancer Frank ficlet necromancer!Frank ficlet. (Dreamwidth comment | Tumblr) Bandom (My Chemical Romance), G, gen, 337 words. One day Frank wakes up with the power to raise the dead. (2011)
cover of a bookman's heart A Bookman's Heart. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) D.Gray-Man, E, Lavi/Tyki, 430 words. A Bookman has no need for a heart... but Lavi's can still be broken. (2008)
Fairy Tales & Mythology
cover of try again Try Again. (Dreamwidth | Dreamwidth comment | Tumblr) Greek Mythology (Sisyphus-centric), G, gen, 176 words. He's just so tired. (2013)
Harry Potter
cover of dark lords ascending Dark Lords Ascending. (AO3 | FFnet) Harry Potter, M, gen, 36,234 words. Voldemort thought he was eliminating the one person who could defeat him when he attacked the Potters. But there is a far stronger prophecy at work than the one made by Sybil Trelawney... beware of your Saviour, Wizards of Britain... [abandoned] (2008-2009)
cover of nothing but filth filth, nothing but filth. (Tumblr) Origific, E, Me/You, 1,131 words. "Can I kiss you?" (2016)
cover of scroll away scroll, scroll, scroll away. (Tumblr) Filk, T, gen, 17 words. (Tumblr's full of peens.) (2016)
cover of I dream I dream. (Dreamwidth | Tumblr) Origific, T, gen, 202 words. I dream of the brightest of lights. I dream of endless darkness. (2012)
cover of only a grainsand word Only a Grainsand Word. (Dreamwidth | Tumblr) Origific, G, Brier/Cary, 150 words. Deals with asexuality and aromanticism. (2012)
cover of resentment Resentment. (Dreamwidth) Haiku, G, gen, 11 words. Petunias stand for anger and resentment. (2011)
cover of here with you Here With You. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | Tumblr | part of the FFnet) Naruto, T, Ino/Sakura, 1,201 words. Sakura comes home from a long mission and, as happens all too rarely, Ino is there to greet her. (2018)
cover of Untitled Sakura/Hinata/Ino/Tenten not!porn Untitled Sakura/Hinata/Ino/Tenten not!porn. (Tumblr) Naruto, M, Sakura/Hinata/Ino/Tenten, 1,348 words. It’s a seduction planned over literal years. (2016)
cover of Untitled Inori SI fic Untitled Inori SI fic. (Tumblr) Naruto, T, gen, 808 words. I fell asleep one night as Sylv, a somewhat awkward 21-year-old, and woke up the next morning in the body of a tiny, screaming child. (2014)
cover of a need for comfort A Need for Comfort. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) Naruto, G, gen, 847 words. Everyone thought that all that Naruto and Sasuke had in common was the competition between them. But their friendship was much older than their rivalry... (2009)
cover of betrayed Betrayed. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) Naruto, M, Naruto/Sasuke, Itachi/Sasuke, Itachi/Naruto, 2,718 words. Three years after his capture by the Akatsuki and subsequent loss of the kyuubi, Naruto finally returns to Konoha only to find that things have changed... drastically. Now he is to be the concubine of both Sasuke and Itachi. Dark themes. (2009)
Sherlock Holmes (All Media Types)
cover of my wife's gone to the country My Wife's Gone To The Country (Hurrah! Hurrah!). (Dreamwidth | Dreamwidth comment | Tumblr) Sherlock Holmes (2009), G, John Watson/Mary, 225 words. You have often berated yourself for being a terrible husband. (2013)
cover of just don't Just Don't. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) Sherlock (BBC), G, John/Sherlock, John/Sarah Sawyer, 353 words. Sometimes, Sherlock goes too far. (2011) [cover art by dauntingfire]
cover of five times john watson remained oblivious Five Times John Watson Remained Oblivious (And One Time He Didn't). (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) Sherlöck (BBC), G, John/Sherlock, 1,070 words. Sherlock's displays of affection are anything but obvious. (2011)
cover of now is the month of maying Now Is the Month of Maying. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) Yu-Gi-Oh!, T, Bakura/Malik/Yami, Mokuba/Ryou/Yugi, 4,938 words. After yet another quarrel between Bakura and Yami during class, the teacher enforces a punishment which sets a series of events into motion that will ultimately lead Yami to Bakura and Marik, kicking and screaming all the way... (2009)
cover of an incident on seminar day An Incident on Seminar Day. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) Yu-Gi-Oh!, T, Jounouchi Katsuya/Kaiba Seto, 971 words. Some days it would have been better to stay at home. Seto should really know better than to even think "How could this day get any worse…" (2009)
cover of thief in the night Thief in the Night. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) Yu-Gi-Oh!, T, Atemu/Thief King Bakura, 504 words. Atemu wakes up in the middle of the night only to find that a thief has stolen into his bedroom. (2008)
cover of 99 ways to kill a mockingbird 99 Ways to Kill a Mockingbird. (AO3 | Dreamwidth | FFnet) Yu-Gi-Oh!, T, gen, 2,459 words. Bakura and Marik have to do a project for English class, and they have a VERY good idea... (2007)