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Sylvaine's No-Romo Trope Sorter (Short Version)

Want to know which non-romantic fic tropes are your favourite and least favourite? Let this handy dandy script do the sorting for you! Just choose your preferred trope between the two presented options and the sorting script will order them mostly-accurately from most to least favourite! For best results, try to avoid using the middle options if possible.

Original code was created by Bathkame and code adaptation was done by DemonicRose. This version (with minor edits to the code) was made by dreamwidth profilesylvaine (with lots of help sourcing tropes from everone on twitter and discord ♥), inspired by ellimists. Feel free to use the code (right-click on page --> view page source/source code in most browsers) to create your own character sorters or whatever else you like!

This is the short, finalised version of this list, featuring 25 tropes. If you'd rather have a more complete version with more tropes that takes (a lot) more time to complete, try the long version of the trope sorter.

Unfortunately, this sorter isn't accessible with keyboard shortcuts - you need to be able to click it with a mouse or tap on the screen. If anyone knows how to change to coding so it works with keyboard shortcuts, I would welcome input!

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