sylvaine aka thriceandonce

Until I figure out CSS myself, have a link list of places to find my stuff.

Transformative Works Policy

Basically: blanket permission for anything & everything - all I ask is that you link back to my work on your post & link me to it. If you'd like more details, though, check out this post on my DW journal.


sylvaine (dreamwidth - also has all my creative stuff, including my icons, which I don't think are anywhere else)
sylv_talks (twitter - private, but I'm perfectly happy to add fannish people.)
thriceandonce (tumblr)


Europodfriends (twitter) | Europodfriends (tumblr), a European fan meetup for podficcers and the podfic community, held every autumn in Berlin!


sylvrecs (twitter)
thriceafan (tumblr)
sylvaine (pinboard)
thriceandonce (deviantart - I might put up art here eventually, but for now it's just my favourites.)
thriceandonce (pinterest)
sylvaine (goodreads - though I haven't used this in ages, I still stand by most of these books.)
podfic recs
femslash recs

Creative Stuff

ravelry - thriceandonce (knitting, crochet)
AO3 - sylvaine (fic - more than here, since FFnet doesn't allow RPF - and podfic)
thriceascribble - tumblr (art, sketches, etc)
thriceascrawl - tumblr (writing stuff. Mostly little unfinished bits and pieces.)
thriceapodfic - tumblr (podfic, including covers, most of which are my own)

Naruto RP Blogs

irl-sai (tumblr - this one is occasionally very NSFW, fair warning)
irl-sasori (tumblr)